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Let me know if this is too dark.

Let me know if you want to print larger than 8x12 or 8x10 ( I will then up-resolution the photo to get a better quality print)

The original 2x3 aspect ratio of each photo is given here, followed by cropped version (4x5 aspect ratio, which can print up to 8x10). I'd recommend printing at the original aspect ratio (e.g prints of 4x6 or 8x12) so as not to cut off the arms of the end people, but whatever floats your boat.

The question was asked if I would composite the best heads into one photo. Answer: depends. If each family picks their favorite photos for each person to include in the composite, AND if everyone pays to have it done, whether you pay for only your family's heads, or whether every family pays an equal amount. It's just too time consuming, and I can't afford to do it for free. If everyone wants to pitch in, I can afford to begin when I get payment.

Cost: $10 an hour, capping at $10 per head. So a head that takes 15 minutes will cost $2.50, and a head that takes an hour or longer will cost $10.

It's up to whoever wishes to take the lead on this to get in touch with everyone to see who if everyone wants the composite.