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Modified 3-Jun-09
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Notes on the first four images:

All of these are the same place, the first two from one angle, the second two from another angle.

I used a different program than I have before to make these rough composites, which are less rough than my previous rough composites on other images, but still rough. If you choose to paint any of these they're probably good to go unless you'd like a cleaner composite.

These are large enough to print up to 8x10

Notes on each image:

1, 2. same angle - each one is a composite from a different set of images. I include them both since they look a bit different with the gaps being filled in differently.

3. same as the bottom half as the fourth image

4. same as three, but with more tree
combo of images 1 and 3stand alone shotalternate ref for the cowalternate ref for the cow