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Hey, Joelle. Here's a rough edit of your photos. I'm quite pleased with them. In addition to the one's I liked, I kept in some just so you can laugh at yourself.

Some info follows below, but if you have any questions, give me a ring.

The files in this gallery are not intended for print (files are too small), but will be suitable for the web as is. Printable files can be made available on request. The images you like can be downloaded from this gallery. Although, you may want some minor standard color and/or contrast adjustments, or perhaps a crop. Let me know, and I'll make the adjustments.

More complex photo editing on any photos can be done for a reasonable fee. Let me know what you'd like done, and I'll provide an estimate.

We didn't discuss this, and I don't even know if you'd like to print any. Because we didn't discuss it, I'll more than happily be loose with my written policy, which normally gives you the files for printing after 6 months, while during that six months prints can be purchased from me. But, we didn't discuss this, so when you choose which images you like, you're most welcome to have the files to print at your printer of choice (but of course I'd prefer to have them printed through me, plus they'll be of higher quality that way; the reason why can be read at the bottom of the page this link takes you to).

If you'd like to view these in a slide show, click on a thumbnail below, and when the large image appears, there will be a "slideshow" button in the right hand corner of the webpage.

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