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Here's a rough edit of your photos. I'm really pleased with them. In addition to the one's I liked, I kept in some just so you can laugh at each other, and a few that are not fully sharp, but still worthwhile.

When you make your pick(s) for your announcement photo I'll touch it/them up, and make any further color adjustments (or convert to black and white if you wish) to get it/them ready for print.

For any additional photos you wish to have, I'll do some standard color/contrast adjustments to get them ready for printing. While the touch-up for the photo you send with your announcements are included in what you've paid, any additional photos that you would like to be touched-up (beyond standard color and contrast adjustments) will require a reasonable fee. For an estimate of cost for touch-ups let me know what you'd like done to which images.

I converted the last few shots to black and white because they didn't really look good in color with the fluorescent lights on the stairs.

Additional prints not sent out with your announcement can be purchased at regular print prices. But as per our agreement you may opt to print elsewhere; this is true of your announcement photos, too, if you wish. NOTE: the files in this gallery are not printable, but I'll make printable files available when you choose your images.

If you'd like to view these in a slide show, click on a thumbnail below, and when the large image appears, there will be a "slideshow" button in the right hand corner.

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If you like the gallery wraps, the standouts may be another option you may like.