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For faster upload and download, these photos are not at full image resolution, however larger resolution for larger prints can be had on request.

These will print up to 5x7, but do need to be cropped if printed as a 5x7, since the actual dimensions are 5x7.5. That's just the natural dimension of the camera. For uncropped prints, a 4x6 would work best - or 8x12, 12x18, 16x24 - although, again, if you want larger than 5x7 let me know which one's and how large.

Prints may be ordered through this gallery, or downloaded and printed where you wish.

To download, hover mouse pointer over photo (not the thumbnail, but the larger image), and choose the download icon that appears.

Best color rendition will be had if viewed in Firefox, or Chrome. Perhaps other browsers work as well, but I don't know (just don't view in Safari, as it dulls the colors).