Created 22-Jun-13
Modified 23-Jun-13
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Sorry to have taken more than a year to send these to you. It's largely due to my embarrassment at having not created the quality of work I normally deliver, which was due to not having come prepared with gear and preparation that would have enabled me to do higher quality work.

The gear I brought, after all, was brought "just in case," and more importantly, I didn't do any of the normal pre-wedding photo taking prep I normally do. It's a lot like playing a concert without practicing beforehand.

Looking at these photos the other day, I was pleasantly surprised that, while most do not have image quality up to my standards, they're fair enough overall.

Remember, also, I wasn't shooting the entire time, and only started sometime after your photographer left. Also, because someone else was taking photos, too, and I wasn't the "main" photographer, there were times when I deliberately shot from different positions that I might not have otherwise, to both stay out of his way, as well as to provide a different viewpoint so there weren't so many "duplicate" perspectives.