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This is an ad I made for Hott Stuff, the business being run by a group of students in the business classes I am taking. The business is part of our classes and will be dissolved at the end of the semester.

All the photographs here are what I built it with, all mine except the background, which is a stock photo. Heck, I even made the cinnamon roll. (Bryan, the Hott Stuff Man, pressed the shutter button on photos 6 and 7, but I set it all up.)

The logo was designed by Matt Dyer.
Logo was designed by Matt Dyer. The bench/building/brick is a stock photo. The rest is mine.No great stand alone shot, but I only needed to get the lighting I wanted to allow the final image.I used Kj's head from this one.I used all this but Kj's head.Suitable resolution for showing on screenSuitable resolution for printing up to 4x6.Suitable resolution for showing on screen.Suitable resolution for printing up to 4x6.