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Modified 22-Mar-09
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Okay, fixed the problem. Print at will.

Below is an 8x10, an 8x12, a 16x20, and a 16x24. If anyone would like other crops, let me know and I will create one.

I printed a test of an 8x10 and noticed a few things I wanted to fix. Four people had hair that looked not quite right around the edges. I fixed them, but have not yet reprinted, so don't know if my fixes are quite right.

Not sure how easy it is to find an 8x12 or 16x24 frame. If you decide to print from this site you can also buy a frame from the printer. The prices are not marked up from what the lab charges. They can also mount the photo on a matboard, which keeps it flat.

NOTE: it really is important that I create a different sized image file for say, a 20x30, or a 4x6 so that I can crop it using the original full size image, as well as to sharpen it accurately (different sizes get sharpened differently for best quality).
8x10 - with more room on the sides16x2016x248x12Don't print this one. It's the original with the mistake next to Annie, and on Bobbie's arm.Note: this is an 8x12. Also, does this look alright to you?  Speak now or forever hold your peace.Before I made any real changes to the photo.I'm thinking Dave is best in the next one. I did a quick blend of this and the next photo which can be seen in the third photo. (More text in the next photo caption)Let me know which photo you pick, or I can do the blended one which is next. It's a quick blend (in this instance), but if you want it I'll need to do it again with files that are at a printable size.Let me know the final print size(s) and I'll crop it to that size.