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Wedding Plans: One . Two

Retouching and compositing:

What is retouching? Cleaning up blemishes on faces, erasing light poles in the background and similar cleaning up of images.

What is compositing? An example would be taking one head from one photo, and blending it with another photo to create the perfect family portrait.

Pricing for retouching: Included with session or wedding price
Pricing for compositing:

For prints purchased through your online gallery:
  • $25 per hour
  • For a composite image to qualify for this pricing, you must order at least one print from us at 8x10 or larger. Retouching price applies to any size print ordered from us.

For image files where you do not purchase a print through your online gallery:
  • $50 per hour
Compositing: placing one face in one photo into another photo will be $5-$25.

- If not ordering prints through your online gallery, compositing will cost between $20 and $50.

Daniel Heywood
cell: 385-325-0016
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