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Modified 29-Oct-15
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Sat. Nov. 7: click here for smaller photo files, intended for downloading and viewing on phones and tablets. Being smaller they will take up less space and load faster. The larger files in the gallery you are presently viewing are available for viewing online and ordering prints. These larger/printable files, in the gallery you are now viewing, are not downloadable. However, prints may be ordered through this gallery (see last paragraph).

NOTICE: If you saw these photos before Oct. 29: After going through all the Reception photos, I came back to the Ceremony photos and realized I didn't get the color balance correct, so the color was wonky—at least, not as good as I could make this little pocket camera do. Plus a few other tweaks were in order. So, I straightened things out as best I could and uploaded them on the afternoon of Oct. 29.

Photos 6-10 are cropped versions of photos 1-5.

The last photos are split toned black and white, meaning, there are two colors making up the image (one warm, one cool), so it's not truly black and white. The last three are the only copy of that image (I couldn't get the color acceptable on those three), and the rest are duplicates from the color images.

Reception photos are now available here if ordering prints, or from here if downloading for viewing digitally.

The last color photos are detail shots that can be used as "ornamentation" or "sense of place" shots in a digital or print album (if you're putting one together).

You may order prints from the site. The print prices are *not* marked up. A little more cost than Walmart, but for a much better print quality. As such, I have disabled downloading of the images from *this* gallery, which are files that are really too large anyway for viewing on portable devices (see Nov. 7 note above).