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Sat. Nov. 7: Sat. Nov. 7: click here for smaller photo files, intended for downloading and viewing on phones and tablets. Being smaller they will take up less space and load faster. The larger files in the gallery you are presently viewing are available for viewing online and ordering prints. These larger/printable files, in the gallery you are now viewing, are not downloadable. However, prints may be ordered through this gallery (see last paragraph).

Wed. Nov. 3: So very sorry this took so long. Photography made the best I can make it takes 10–20 times more work before and after shooting than it does during shooting (not exaggerating)—and longer than that when I am as out of practice as I was when this morning-of request was made that I be the photographer (not exaggerating) :) — So, here it is!

The earlier photos in this gallery include shots I took when scouting out portrait spots—why do I include them here? I don’t know.

You may order prints from the site. The print prices are *not* marked up. A little more cost than Walmart, but for a much better print quality. As such, I have disabled downloading of the images from *this* gallery, which are files that are really too large anyway for viewing on portable devices (see Nov7 note above).