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The photos in *this* gallery are only intended for viewing digitally. They are not printable. On a computer: they may be downloaded if desired by clicking the thumbnail, then selecting the menu in the upper left corner of the larger image and choosing the download option. On a phone or tablet: I don't yet know how to download them, I have not tried. Please do *not* attempt to print the files from *this* gallery, as the printable files are available in another gallery (see below).

For ordering prints, click here to see a gallery of the same images, but containing files large enough for printing.
Wed. Nov. 3: So very sorry this took so long. Photography made the best I can make it takes 10–20 times more work before and after shooting than it does during shooting (not exaggerating)—and longer than that when I am as out of practice as I was when this morning-of request was made that I be the photographer (not exaggerating) :) — So, here it is!

The earlier photos in this gallery include shots I took when scouting out portrait spots—why do I include them here? I don’t know.